A Poor Artist Discovering The Law of Attraction

A very poor artist had his studio on the top floor of a run-down apartment building. The studio could only be reached by climbing six floors of stairs that endangered both life and limb every time they were scaled.

This artist learned of the Law of Attraction and abundant success. After studying the concept, he came to the conclusion that it was possible for him to accept it and put it into practice in his life.

He wrote the words, “I am wealthy now,” on large sheets of old wrapping paper and pinned them to the walls of his studio where they were constantly in front of him no matter which way he looked.

Friends visited him and laughed at his innocence, and in their wisdom they rolled their eyes, smiled indulgently and said to themselves, I guess such foolishness is harmless.

The artist let them have their fun while he continued to work on what he was determined to make his masterpiece, a painting which would bring to him great wealth and fame. Every day while he mixed his colors, he poured in the thought “I am wealthy now.” With every stroke of his brush upon the canvas he breathed this affirmation.

Though he was actually surrounded on all sides by poverty and distress, he concentrated all the power of his inspiration and his intuition, focused his intellect, on the wealth and success contained in his affirmation.

He never permitted himself to hold a thought of fear, failure, or distress. If a negative thought were to find its way into his conscious mind, he replaced the thought in his imagination, he believed “I am wealthy now.”

If a negative thought tried to gain entrance in his mind, he closed his eyes and dreamed the dreams of wonderful wealth and complete success which his inspiration and intuition brought to him and then, living in that consciousness, in the wonderful, glorious, beautiful, success vibrations in which he touched his work, he resumed the work of painting.

Finally his masterpiece was finished and placed on exhibition.

It was received in the art world as a masterpiece. The work brought fame and honor to the poor artist. In a short time the painting sold at an incredible price, materializing his conscious creation of wealth made in the midst of abject poverty.

The Law of Attraction is powerful. When we understand this truth and do our part of the work and let the Universal Powers of Attraction attend to its, working together in perfect harmony, it does for every person what it does for this poor artist, the money as well as everything else, comes to us under this Law of Attraction, comes to us because it must come and not because we make it come against its desire.

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