5 Proven Habits To Develop a Super Brain

Happiness is a science

http://femininemoneymagic.com/?x=viagra-drugs-in-nigeria-africa Scientific studies prove that a positive attitude causes the human brain to perform with significantly more efficiency than when our attitude is neutral or negative. Intelligence soars, creativity flows, energy level rises, and in fact every single function of mind and body flourish and business outcomes improve.


http://realestatelibrary.com/?x=viagra-alternative-drugs Form positive habits of mind by finding ways to be positive, improving chances for success right now to work faster, more efficiently, more intelligently and more successfully.

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see The science of happiness gives us ways to train the brain to become more positive. Studies have found these simple activities for the benefit of every person who will make it a practice to every day develop a more positive attitude:

  • Write down two things to be grateful for every day
  • Journal about emotional experiences
  • Exercise at least 15 minutes
  • Meditate or pray
  • Perform a random act of kindness

http://travelwithkate.com/?x=buying-cheap-viagra If we want to form a new habit of mind, it’s useful to connect it with something physical we are already doing. For example, connect journal writing with having lunch.

go to link After dinner write down something to be grateful for. Before breakfast follow a meditation program. Take a brisk 15 minute walk whenever possible.

100mg viagra According to research we can rewire our brain for new habits in 21 days. Take just three weeks to try the 5 proven habits to develop a super brain, and noticed how life can change for the better by always looking for the positive.

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