Seeking Equal Partners

Maybe You’ve Been Marketing for years like me. I have helped make many other people rich. As for me, I have barely broken even.

Now I realize who’s making the most money from all these programs.


**Gets the signups.
**Controls the list.
**Owns the website.
**Owns the scripts.

 And NOW I have plans to make more .profits with my time by being a business OWNER.
Join a team of marketers who will develop businesses online and ensure everyone’s success by working as a team.
Where will you be in 3 months or 6 months? Same places earning the same few dollars?
We will be busy launching new businesses with new partners. We want a few motivated marketers to work with us.
Join our partners by entering info on the website. Or simply send us an email stating your interest. We will personally respond and answer your questions.
To Our Mutual Success,
Michael and Sally
BTW, you can expect us to take you seriously by entering
honest and accurate details about yourself.

Business Ownership Options Available Now

There are excellent opportunities waiting for hard-working entrepreneurs, available this week. 50/50 partners share ideas and innovations to benefit all. You have the desire, the time to invest and the willingness to work. Let’s talk.

You have your own ideas for a business? Share your ideas. We will listen to all proposals and consider all options. We are not even asking for you to subscribe to get information. Simply send an email message to with “WORKING PARTNERS” in the subject line.