BitAutomator Review – Bitcoin Breakthrough

AttractSucces looks at BitAutomator technology and the business model.

NOTICE! The Bitautomator site has been offline for 7 consecutive days with no response from the administrator. It is not likely to be a legitimate opportunity and is more likely a scam.

Here is the video introduction with released information about the platform and what it does:

Advancements in AI technology allows this program to rapidly buy and sell in the Bitcoin market.

Programmers have invested 5 years coding the system, developing the brain that creates a hands-free platform

Requires no special skills or knowledge

This beta version Bit Automator is testing the limits of artificial intelligence computing and real-time market trading. For the end-user, the process is simple – get a free wallet and move to full Bit Automator Member.

The power of the system becomes evident when you see your Transactions after the first day of trading. You can literally watch positive transaction amounts roll in from your member Dashboard.

It takes about 10 minutes to set up your account & get started filling an automated Bitcoin wallet through GreenAddress. Everything you need is included.

The back office includes BitCoin Currency Charts and a social network where members can message and post media, in addition to the expected features My Wallet, Affiliate Center and Help Center.

There is also a marketing center and extensive referral data for members to use to contact their down-line.

Members can instantly cash out and transfer funds to their bank accounts. Send and receive bitcoins anywhere in the world, or go shopping online with your built in wallet.

2017 is a year of amazing technological breakthroughs. Combine artificial intelligence, automatic trading and add BitAutomator – You have found a goldmine!

BitAutomator Beta is not recommended at this time.


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