Discover A Giving Attitude

cheap viagra Money is important. You need it to survive and the more you have, the better you are able to survive and thrive. What about your giving attitude? Many of us do not consider our underlying belief system about money to be important. We might think it does not matter what we think because what really matters is what we do, the actions we take. True, deeds matter. All attitudes and ideas that we have learned in the past shape who we are today.

see Ideas about money and wealth and success take a lifetime to acquire. As an adult, we unconsciously following what we have learned about money from childhood to the present. So, our mind might not be fully aware of why we think the way we are thinking.

go We grow up thinking “money is the root of all evil” and “there is never enough money” and “money does not grow on trees.” This attitude is significant and shapes our actions to this day.

Understand your money mindset, your giving attitude

viagra drug interactions lisinopril and aspirin Your conditioning comes mainly from parents and family, but also comes from the environment around you. If ideas about money in the place you grew up is that money is scarce, or you learned that money is hard to earn, you can be certain that these ideas remain with you today. They are likely stuck in your thoughts without you realizing it. You are just wondering why there never seems to be enough money.

click If you now can grasp the idea of learned negative thinking patterns about money, you are ready to move on. It might be difficult for you to accept the idea and you are thinking this does not apply to you– after all, you are learning to always think positive. Stop for an attitude check. Look honestly at your thoughts, make a realistic assessment of your thinking and question your giving attitude.

angel dust drug ingredients viagra Positive thinking and a YES I CAN! Attitude is a good place to start, but it’s not always enough. Negative thought patterns run deep in the subconscious mind. Subconscious thoughts or ‘root thoughts’ that stay underneath and behind conscious thoughts that you think everyday while you are awake.

real viagra order Subconscious thoughts are strong enough to sabotage your new ways of thinking positive about money and giving. Analyze your daily thought patterns and consciously bring abundance and wealth thoughts into your life.

follow url To change deep thoughts you have to be persistent. You need a burning desire to train your subconscious mind into also thinking in new ways. You will have to re-learn new and healthier thoughts.

Train your Giving Attitude Mindset Put your thoughts into action. Use the creative process of your conscious mind, which goes like this: thought, word, action. An idea comes into your mind as a thought and takes shape and gets clearer until you finds ways to bring the idea to completion.

Buy Clomid online pharmacy 100 mg Put positive thoughts about money into words. In the beginning of thought patterns there is only the thought, an idea. The idea is then spoken out and written down to reinforce the thought, making the idea stronger, more solid. This is a major accomplishment in the creative process, but making the words from the idea is not yet a physical reality.

The essential step is the actions that you will take to give your ideas and words a physical form.

The thought process goes something like this: I don’t want to give money to charity, because if I do, then I will have less and I do not have much at all. How can I give away the little that I have (root thought = it’s never enough money). In short term thinking it might be true, I will have less money if I give some of it away. Thinking long term, it is not true.

To train your sub-conscious to think differently, you first of all have to become aware of exact moments in your life when these beliefs kick in.

Walking past the Salvation Army bell-ringer without giving any money is to re-affirm the idea that I can not afford to give him money, because there is never enough. So what I can do to change this root thought is to first give him the money I thought of, I know it is going to make me feel good, and then think to myself: Yes In Can! I can afford to give him money, even if it is just a handful of coins, because I know that there is more where that is coming from– and I trust that this will end up back in my pocket and in my bank account, so I can happily share it with more people.

This action will then affirm your new thought which is: There is always enough money! Now you might think, this is a lie, but then take the new thought you have learned by taking action and look again on the thought, word, action process. You might think this is extremely difficult and everything inside of you says NO! Still, do it.

You do not have to give away all your money, that is not the point. The point is that you give yourself the feeling of abundance and you can share some of what you have. If you have very little money, give according to your level of abundance. It is important that you get the giving attitude. Only then can your subconscious mind start believing in your new mindset.

When you say to yourself that you always have enough money for everything you want and need, your subconscious mind will protest and say: “This is not true, the fact is this, and the facts are that, and you are right!” Fact may be this or that, but if you want to change your mind, you need to start here at the root of your worst money problems.

You can make it easier for your conscious mind by thinking thoughts that you can accept, like: “I have plenty. I know there is more money out there and I am figuring out how to get it to flow into my bank account.”

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Find solutions (ideas, thoughts). Write them down, make them clear and easy to understand, when spoken in public or written down (positive affirmations) and then make it happen by taking an action that validates the thought.

The practical results of the thought-word-action process unfolds right in front of you.

Give yourself a giving attitude. Feel good about your financial security that it is actually true: there is enough money! When you wrap your head around this, you are another step closer to your AttractSuccess goals.

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