Have the Life You Want

Have the life you want and love the life you have. Quiet reflection will lift your spirit and set you free.

It is simply a matter of enjoying the daily practice of meditation or prayer, a quiet time set aside for self-reflection and deep thinking. It becomes a powerful source of rejuvenation and brings peace within– to your heart and to your soul.

It has a cumulative effect. Time spent thinking gains momentum and builds in your subconscious mind, reveals and reinforces the direction your life is taking. You look forward to it, your vision grows clearer, you set positive goals, and you can reach a state of Nirvana.

A quiet time starts simply with, “I will begin.” You begin to set priorities, formulate the vision for your future. You dwell on past successes and direct your thoughts towards goals for the life you want.

To see what you truly want clears your mind and directing your thoughts in positive ways creates an identity filled with abundance.

Clearing your mind allows you to see through your personal history and your feelings and emotions. Stillness does not project to past meanings, being an activity of present-mindedness.

A clear mind is untouched by the past. Picture the present state of your perfect stillness and dream of your perfect future. Then, be ready to take perfect actions.

Describe to yourself the sensations you feel in detail, dwell on your visions of the future. Make a careful study of goals and the steps you need to take to accomplish your goals.

Make this your practice. Make the effort, the struggle, to be happy nowРnot thinking you have to first attain some thing or some want in order to be happy.

Promote your inner peace. Begin living the life you want.

Once you decide to commit yourself to the practice, meditation or prayer or plain stillness with deep thinking becomes surprisingly easy. Begin to take action.


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