Let Me Be Aware and Deeply Honest

Let me be perfectly honest with myself. I have encountered individuals who seemed unaware of their own bad breath or awful body odor. Is it possible that everyone is oblivious to one thing or another about themselves?

Is it possible that I am the one exception, the one person who in no way functions unconsciously?

Obviously not. The faults of others are easy to identify. How can my reluctance to acknowledge my own shortcomings, and think destructively make me less destructive? How can I correct a failure if I don’t acknowledge it in the first place?

To be honest is to be whole, not to be naive.

There is a mental state that passes easily over the endless nonsense that deranges the day. Like a gentle breeze it refreshes everything and disturbs nothing. Having wholeness has wholeness to give.

When a judgmental thought ends, the damage it causes the mind ends with it. All honest actions done with conscious love heal my self and individuals I encounter.

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