Make A Mind Movie

Goal Setting Strategy: Mind Movie Be a dreamer and a doer. Bring your dreams to life.

source site A mind movie is the equivalent of your life vision in a short video – all the benefits of affirmations including your long-term goals. Essentially, it’s a movie that you create to represent exactly what you want to achieve in your life.

viagra generic drug Once it is complete you watch it over and over again, easily programming the future of your dreams into your subconscious mind. You can begin your mind movie by organizing your thoughts about ultimate goals for your life into a vision board.

Make a DIY Vision Board If you have the resources to make your own mind movie, do it! A simple and low-cost alternative is the vision board, (sometimes called a mind map or goal collage), is a tangible tool used to help you ‘visualize’ your goals more clearly.

source url A vision board is simply a collection of pictures and words pinned to a Pinterest board, or a traditional collage that’s glued to a large piece of paper, or created as a screensaver, or in any other easily viewed format.

acquisto viagra generico in contrassegno The pictures and words represent the life goals you have and what your life looks like when you achieve those goals.

enter site If your life goals include working at a job you love and earning a million dollars a year doing it, then you would picture yourself doing just that. Draw, write or print that million dollar figure and place it on your vision board. If you can specify exactly the kind of job you want to attract into your life, so much the better. A mind movie is an incredibly powerful tool to keep you focused and attract the success you want. The vision board and mind map are a good place to start thinking about exactly what you most desire.

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